Complete Proxy Solution To Streamline Your Data Collection Process

ProxyGrid is a residential proxy network that provides high quality IP addresses with unlimited bandwidth for all of your complex scraping use cases at an affordable price.

Everything you need to get started

We have everything for you to get started with our proxies

Huge IP pool

1M+ unmetered and 10M+ premium residential proxies with constantly new proxies being added and bad ones removed.

Rotating IPs

We provide gateway port so you connect to single port giving you access to our entire pool that rotates IP on every request.

Sticky sessions


Need the IP to stay same for complex workflows? use our premium network which supports sticky IP's upto 30 minutes with no limit on sessions.

Unlimited geo-targeting


With Premium residential, use geo-targeting to get your desired country IP for use cases like price monitoring, account management etc.

Unlimited bandwidth

Unmetered residential proxies do not have any bandwidth limit, enjoy unlimited bandwidth for high bandwidth projects.

Regular Updates

Old proxies are removed and new ones are added daily for higher quality.

Our Products

Unmetered residential

Power your bandwidth-intensive projects with our Unmetered Residential proxies. Offering a pool of over 1 million IPs and a 99% success rate, these proxies are the ideal solution for demanding data scraping tasks. Experience reliable performance and enjoy the freedom of unlimited bandwidth.

Premium residential

Discover limitless web access with our Premium Residential proxies. With a robust pool of over 10 million IPs and featuring flexible options, these proxies provide a secure and efficient solution for all your needs. Enjoy the benefits of geo-targeting, unlimited threads, and lasting data while benefiting from a superior success rate.